Careers advice for teenagers

What is your idea of careers advice for teenagers?

I wonder how many of us are dismissive of our children’s ambitions?  Perhaps not intentionally, but just by not having the same belief or faith that they can be successful.

This is especially true if your child or teenager expresses their wish in a competitive fields such as music or arts where opinions can be divided and sometimes success and failure depend largely on chance.

Do you listen to your child singing along with their idols, think that the lyrics they have written are  ‘just okay’, or that they have a good voice but so do lots of others?

With the proliferation of shows such as Pop Idol, The X Factor etc.  many parents must be questioning what careers advice for teenagers should consist of nowadays.

Not every child is going to make it, but there is a much greater chance of making it with support and good advice.  Self belief is an absolute must, but negativity can often crush dreams and self confidence.

However, with the right careers advice and support the results can be amazing.  I am sure the parents of Lewis Watson must be immensely proud.  One thing is certain if you have a talent, the self belief and support of family and friends you have a greater chance of success.

Lewis Watson – Bones

Krept & Konan – “Let Go” ft Lewis Watson

Lewis Watson – #3
Not every child can be as talented as Lewis Watson so please read this article by Clifford Williams with some good careers advice for teenagers and children

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  1. Mike Watson says:

    As Lewis’s proud parent, I can’t express enough how much of an advantage you get in today’s job market with the right advice and encouragement from Parents, Teachers and People that have already done it before!! my advice – give this article a read!!

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