Careers Advice For Teens

Careers Advice For Teens

As a parent we have high hopes for our children. When offering careers advice for teens often we tell them to be what WE would like them to be and neglect to let them be what THEY want to be. Of course we usually do it out of love. After all most of us want the best for our children.

How many of us actually LISTEN and have believe that they can accomplish their dreams when we give careers advice to teens and children?

The Best Careers Advice For Teens.

Sometimes the best careers advice for teens comes from those who have faith and allow them to pursue their goals. Of course we should take a pragmatic view, not every child will achieve the success they wish for. But it is better to have tried and failed than not to try at all.

How would you react if your child said they wanted to be a singer? Would you support them and allow them to follow their hearts or would you advise them to go for the safer option of getting a ‘real’ job?

Of course we are all different and have different reasons for the decisions we make when giving careers advice to teens and children. It is not easy to say follow your dreams if you are not financially able to provide the support needed.

However I am sure that the strength gained from the belief of those around that young person can be the spur to make sure they give it their all.

The benefits of listening when offering careers advice for teens

It must be so overwhelming to see the progress and actually be involved in the growth of emerging talent. To watch it grow from a dream to reality.

The beauty of giving the right careers advice to teens is that everyone can feel proud of the decisions made.

The power of gratitude

A few months ago in our article careers advice for teens, the father of Lewis Watson left a comment on this blog where he said:
“As Lewis’s proud parent, I can’t express enough how much of an advantage you get in today’s job market with the right advice and encouragement from Parents, Teachers and People that have already done it before!! my advice – give this article a read!!”

In the ensuing months the faith that was shown in Lewis not just by his parents and siblings is being deservedly rewarded.

Six months since our article, Lewis posted this video on youtube. Many people believe in the Law of Attraction. The following video shows just what the power of gratitude is.

Whilst there is no doubt that Lewis Watson has incredible talent, the support he receives from his family can only improve his chances of the success he deserves. So as we also believe in the Law of Attraction and the power of gratitude, we thank his parents, siblings, relatives, friends and fans who have supported him.

We hope that when you consider offering careers advice to teens and children you take a little time to read the article need careers advice for teens and ask yourself, “what if Lewis’ parents had not supported him?”

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