When is follow your dream good careers advice for children?

Sooner or later as a parent you will more than likely have to give some careers advice to your teenagers or children, but would you encourage your child to follow their dream?

Careers advice for children and teenagers

Most parents want the best for their children or teenagers. They have invested a lot of emotions such as love, joy, pride, anger, fear, worry and frustration into successfully bringing up their child. Then of course there is the financial investment a parent has made to get their child or teenager to the point when good careers advice is necessary.

The reality for the majority of parents is that their child or teenager will more than likely pursue a traditional or ‘normal’ career path. With good careers advice, support and the right attitude they can succeed and achieve all their ambitions in their chosen field.  But what should you do if your child is talented or especially gifted?

careers-advice-for-children-and-teenagers-at-the-personal-development-cafeIn the current climate parents face many challenges.  Reality TV has exposed many children and teenagers to lifestyles that other generations were not aware of.

There are many TV shows highlighting the homes, lifestyles and wealth  of the rich and famous that are almost religiously watched by children and teenagers from ‘normal’ families.  These programmes project images of wealth and success that is giving many children and teenagers false expectations or aspirations that may not be realistic.

The access to global media and ‘lifestyle’ programmes mean many teenagers are now growing up believing that fame equals success.  More worrying is the numbers who want fame but are not prepared to work for it.

Whilst following your dream may be great career advice for children and teenagers it should be their dream.  Many of these so-called ‘reality’ programmes are implanting someone else’s dream, stifling the child or teenager’s mind and not giving them a chance to explore their own dreams.  After all if they are to be encouraged to follow their dream they should identify their own dreams and not be distracted into following the latest media trend.

The availability of the internet combined with social media tools such as youtube and Facebook have had a major impact.

These medium can be incredibly useful in highlighting talent and can be used positively to launch future stars such as Lewis Watson.

Just 18 months ago we featured this young singer songwriter.  Since then he has gone on to tour the UK, appear at Glastonbury and other festivals.

Following your dream should always be considered when you give careers advice to your child or teenager; but be realistic.

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