Keep your Personal development plan up to date

Always keep your Personal development plan up to date

Why should you keep your personal development plan up to date? The answer is simple. Because sometimes the best laid plans (of mice and men) can go wrong!

A personal development plan does not have to be complicated.   It can be as simple as a list of goals or targets. But it should be a realistic guide that helps you to achieve those goals.  Here is a short example that I hope will demonstrate exactly why!

A few years ago I decided to start a website and blog.  The site was never intended to be one of the then popular ‘personally branded‘ sites.  There are many people who do not relish being in the limelight but simply want to share great information, news and articles with others.

All was going along swimmingly.  The site was well received and was on an upward curve.  Then a close relative suffered an illness that required full time care.  There was no question of what would happen.


Health is something we often neglect in the pursuit of wealth.  Wealth you can always regain, but never take your health for granted.

Over the next two and a half years the site took a back seat as I acted as a carer for my beloved mother.  Those years were some of the best times we spent together.  When she passed away, I knew that she was not sad, had made peace with her maker and was in a better place.

Why a Personal Development Plan Needs to be Up to Date 

It was once she had gone and ‘normal’ life had to resume that the maxim ‘physician heal thyself’ became more true than ever.

I now had to revisit my own Personal Development Plan.  My goals had not been updated.  All my target dates had come and gone.  The plan did not reflect where I was, what actions I needed to take and when I expected to achieve the set goals. In essence my personal development plan was irrelevant.

This is an extreme but real example of why it is so important to keep your plan up to date and relevant!  Your personal development plan (pdp) should reflect what you want to achieve.  If that changes, so should your pdp.

I have now re-written my own Personal Development Plan and will regularly check to make sure that it is a true picture of where I am, what actions I need to take to ensure I achieve my goals.

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