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Career Development

What do we mean by Career Development? 

Many people take things for granted or are content to just let things happen.  That could mean that they attend school (because they have to), get a job (because they need to) and do the best they can.  But a job is not the same as a career.  You can spend 25 years doing a job or many jobs and still not have made a career for yourself.  Career development is a means of planning ahead and turning a job into a career.

Career Development Means Managing Your Career

This could be either by remaining in your existing company or in a new organisation. It also includes gaining new skills, training and setting goals to help you move ahead in your career. Most importantly, career and personal development is an ongoing, lifelong process which when applied correctly will enable you to achieve your desired outcome – a successful career.

Let’s face it we start planning a career early on in our lives when we are about to leave school or college. We may see an advisor to get help with our career options. Hopefully from then on we continue on our career path.

Most of us want to progress in our working life. For some that might be by moving up an organisation through hard work and promotion. It could be by finding a new challenge with a new organisation. Or it may be that you have decided on a change of career.

Whatever the reason, planning your own career advancement by mapping out what you want to achieve, where you want to get to and how you intend to reach your goals will give you a greater chance of success.

Are you considering a career change? You will find Career Tests are a great way of showing which career paths are best suited for you. Just think of how much more job satisfaction you will get if you are doing a job that you enjoy, that is right for you and that you want to do!

There is no guarantee in relying on others to recognise your talents. There are many people who have patiently stayed in the same role waiting for the promotion they feel they deserve only to watch someone else get the job.

But if you create your own personal career development plan, you take control by setting goals and objectives for your career growth.

For detailed advice on aspects of Professional and Work-related learning, visit Workforce Development Advice

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